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Re: Latest autoconf (2.63): problem generating libtool script when reconfiguring GCC (maybe others).

Dave Korn <dave.korn.cygwin <at>> writes:

>   I don't speak M4, and anyway this is just a distraction from the main job
> I was trying to do at the time, so this is as far as I've looked at it.  I've
> kept the autom4te.cache dirs and trace logs around, in case they'll be of any
> help.

Never mind my earlier reluctance to look at your trace.  You snipped just 
enough for me to know exactly what the failure is:

> -1- id 107675: lt_if_append_uniq(...) -> [m4_ifdef
> 	[m4_bmatch([, ][]m4_defn([lt_decl_varnames])[, ], [, ][]m4_re_escape
([macro_version])[, ],
> 		[],
> 	    [m4_append([lt_decl_varnames], [macro_version], [[, ]])

Oops.  m4_append was undocumented in 2.60, then changed semantics in autoconf 
2.62.  Newer libtool works around the semantic change by using lt_append, not 

But you still have the definition of lt_if_append_uniq from older libtool, 
which doesn't work with newer autoconf.  I guess this means no one has yet 
identified this as one of the fixes that needs to be imported as part of future-
proofing the gcc tree to make the eventual transition to newer autotools 
easier.  Do you feel like opening a gcc incident with this email chain as the 
starting point?

Eric Blake

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