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Re: sshd_config directory

Artie Ziff wrote:
Run 'setup.exe' and install the 'openssh' package.  Then read the
readme in '/usr/share/doc/Cygwin' and run 'ssh-host-config'.  This
will create '/etc/sshd_config'.  Cygwin doesn't have a 'ssh' directory.

Thanks, Larry, for the correction to my full pathname... I was ignorant about ssh-host-config. That did the trick (after satisfying file perms and such).

Yes it and 'ssh-user-config' are a very big help. :-)

What is the best tool for reading /usr/share/doc/Cygwin? emacs?
Is that doc exactly like the one on the web site, or more current?

Any text reader is fine. Even 'less' will do in a pinch. ;-)

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