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Re: Cygwin git and Windows native Git differ on flipping permissions

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According to Alexy Khrabrov on 4/22/2009 8:17 PM:
> -- which come with a Windows-native Git and git-gui.  Strangely, the
> gui shows that permissions of lots of things changed from 100755 to
> 100644.When I agree and add and commit that in the windows gui, back
> on cygwin, git status suddently complains that the permissions changed
> from 100644 to 100755!  Why this weirdness?

Probably because the native windows git is compiled with a flag that
states that the x bit is unreliable (which, in general, Windows apps are
so lousy with their handling of the x bit on NTFS, and it is impossible to
track x bit on FAT, is probably the right thing).  Meanwhile, the cygwin
git is compiled to respect the x bit, because cygwin does a better job of
properly managing x bits on NTFS, and doing a better job of a reasonable
fake of the x bit on FAT.

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