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Re: Really dumb setup question.

Mark J. Reed wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 3, 2009 at 6:31 PM, Dave Korn wrote:
>>  Yep; click on "Keep" first thing of all, that makes setup keep all your
>> current choices, then manually choose the new version of the particular file
>> you want.  Should get a warning if there's any unsatisfied dependencies,
>> otherwise everything should "just work".
> Hm, I could swear I cycled around all the possible top-level choices
> and didn't see "Keep".  Maybe because I'd already selected something?

  It's not one of the view modes, it's one of the radio buttons next to the
view mode!  Here:

|Search |         | |Clear|       o Keep o Prev o Curr o Exp |View| Category|

  "Keep" sets all the selections so that the currently-installed version is
selected.  After doing this, if you clicked "Next" straight away, nothing
would need to be installed.

  "Prev" sets all packages to their one-step-back versions.  I'm not sure how
useful it would ever be to downgrade every package at once, rather than just a
specific one you were having problems with, but there it is if you want it.

  "Curr" sets all packages to the current release versions available on the
servers.  This is the normal mode: any packages you're already up-to-date with
will be left alone, any packages that newer versions are available on the
server will get upgraded.

  "Exp" sets any packages that have experimental versions available to those
versions.  Everything else gets left alone, i.e. it's as if the default was
"Keep" (not "Curr") for everything without an experimental version.

  I'm not entirely sure why these are modal radio buttons, as they seem to me
more like one-shot effects of the kind you'd expect a pushbutton to have, you
click it and it sets a bunch of package versions, but I think it's because the
mode you've selected affects how dependency interactions have to be handled if
you go and start altering individual selections after choosing the mode.


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