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Re: Installed Cygwin 1.7 - no X?

Aha, selecting X11/X-start-menu-icons pulled in all the missing X dependencies
that I hadn't noticed were turned off.

(The new start menu icon has an X logo, is called 'idle', shows the yellow
hover text 'Python IDE', and when clicked generates the alert 'Error:
could not start C:\cygwin\bin\idle -display'. But
startxwin.bat works as you'd expect.)

On 7 Jul 2009, at 17:08, Lloyd Wood wrote:

Installed Cygwin 1.7 beta on a new clean machine - figured I may as well
get with the 1.7 program. Let it install all defaults plus a few packages
I knew I'd need. Added to default list, didn't remove anything.
Installed on C:\cygwin under Windows XP SP2.

How to start X? No XWin Server icon in menu. Just the cygwin shell
server on desktop. No /usr/bin/startxwin.bat script. No /usr/bin/ Xwin.exe.
And no xinit, which I thought was how X 7.4 got started.

/usr/include/X11 has header files. /usr/lib/X11 is pretty much empty,
bar the config/ dir.

Looked in /usr/bin/X11R6. Nothing there bar run.exe. Which figures,
since that should be history with the 7.4 install. But why is run.exe
there as well as in /usr/bin?

Went through new FAQ and userguide and changes/features. No help.

Did the beta munge the X install?




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