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Re: gold star requests

> > All back-ordered gold stars should also now have been awarded.
> You might look at old ITA messages, too.  I'm sorta owed some for 
> adopting orphaned packages.  I don't know that I really deserve them, 
> since I don't release new versions very often, but maybe others who 
> actually do put a lot of time into their packages are missing stars.

OK, I'll look back at ITAs as I have time.  Igor's last update was in Dec.
2007 so I'd only have to look back that far.

In general I look to CV and CGF for gold star requests.  Adopting an
orphaned package should generally be good for one, but if there's a
judgment involved about how active someone is being at maintaining a
package they adopted... that's starting to turn into a research project for
me.  Maintaining HTML file filled with archaic tags and constructions: OK,
no problem.  Researching people's package maintenance histories:  no,

> Also, I don't see why stars expire.  Long service shouldn't be discounted.

Yeah, good point.  I agree, we should take that part out, if there are no

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