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Re: "ssh-host-config" now involves ""

----- Original Message ----- From: "Christoph Herdeg"

Great to see that at least you guys have fun and enjoy yourselves. I very
hope to have "made your days". Thank you again for your superb help! You're
great people!

The way you answer to people seeking for help speaks for itself. I hope the
google bots to be very attentative so you won't be bothered that much by
dumb people like me in future.

C'mon this is open source project, while yes it would be nice to have everything work out the box, the tools are there and as a sysadmin you can make things like this work. Once the issues are identified I'm sure any patch you create that improves the scripts behaviour to edge cases would be greatly appreciated.

Personally I was most surprised with the new 1.7 scripts, a great improvement
for which I thank those involved as it installed first time out the box for
me :)

If you don't have the skills required to do the work required, there are ports
of calls but you will likely have to show some recompense for their efforts,
which isn't much to ask is it?


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