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Re: stunnel windows x64

On Monday 03 August 2009 08:33:44 Tomas Ulicky wrote:
> Hi, it is possible to start releasing pure x64 version of stunnel?
> OpenSSL exist in x64 version and there is gcc that can create x64
> binaries. It will be good to have one, because in Windows 2008 R2 server
> there will be uninstallable support for x86 to harden security and no x86
> binary will run on it. Thanks

I assume that this is a Cygwin question.  Please direct Cygwin questions to 
the cygwin mailing list, so that other people can participate in and benefit 
from the conversation.

AFAIK, Cygwin is as of now a purely 32-bit environment.  Until there's a 64-
bit DLL to link against, I don't think a 64-bit stunnel would be possible or 
useful.  I also don't have a 64-bit Windows machine on which to build or 
test one.  Cross-compiling might be possible, but honestly this would be far 
down my list of priorities.

Once Cygwin becomes a 64-bit environment, then it probably won't be hard to 
release a 64-bit version of stunnel.  But I haven't seen any discussion of 
that happening, and I guess that it's still a ways off.

If you don't want to wait for Cygwin, you can probably build your own 64-bit 
stunnel by following the instructions at .

Good luck,

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