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Re: $DISPLAY variable empty after SSHing

On 08/03/2009 09:39 PM, mcoughlin wrote:

This may be confusing because I have to SSH twice to reach the computer I work on.

On my home computer, I begin by starting the X server. I run the command:

bash-3.2$ echo $DISPLAY

And so it seems to be working fine. I then do:

ssh -X computer #2

Warning: untrusted X11 forwarding setup failed: xauth key data not generated
Warning: No xauth data; using fake authentication data for X11 forwarding.

And that is returned.

ssh -Y computer #2 returns no errors.

When I do
[mcoughlin@lisa ~]$ echo $DISPLAY
is returned for logging in with either the -X or -Y method.

When I finally log into my work computer with either the -X or -Y method,
-bash-3.2$ echo $DISPLAY

returns nothing. And so when I attempt to use octave to plot,
octave:2>  plot(x)

gnuplot: unable to open display ''
gnuplot: X11 aborted.

Obviously nothing happens.

Can someone give me a clue?

Sounds like a configuration issue at the "work computer". I don't have a problem starting "xclock" from the final machine I "ssh -Y" into. DISPLAY on the ssh'd machines get set to "localhost:10.0" in my case. If DISPLAY isn't set to the same thing as it is on your "computer #2", I'd suspect the configuration issue is there. For me, my first computer is running Cygwin 1.7 (not significant when compared to 1.5 in this case I would suspect) on XP. The 2nd machine is running Fedora 8. The 3rd machine is running MythDora 10 (i.e. essentially Fedora 10). No special configuration on any of these. Not sure if this helps much other than to indicate that this can be made to work (and possibly localizing which machine is the likely suspect.)

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