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Re: running MS link.exe under Cygwin sshd?

Jay K wrote:
> Friend also found freesshd works and will use that.
> So 3 out of 4 sshd work, Cygwin sshd is the only one that doesn't.

  Wrong.  That is uninformed speculation and guesswork.  Stop spreading

  Cygwin SSHD has had the support for fully logging in as any user since 1.7, as
you have already been told and completely ignored.  Go and read the manual.  The
link was in the previous email I sent in this thread.

  freesshd works exactly as Cygwin *used* to before it got subauth support: when
you log in with a key, rather than a password, you just end up as an admin user.

  This post here:
also makes it clear that freesshd has the same limitations as cygwin-1.5 sshd:
if you log in by pubkey you have to run the service under the account you want
to log in as, it can't setuid unless you log in with a password.

  Therefore if freesshd is working for your friend, cygwin sshd would _also_
work *even without subauth*, if you installed it to run the service under the
same (administrative?) account that freesshd is using.

  Take-home message:  *Cygwin SSHD works fine - you've just configured it wrong.*


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