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Re: black console boxes still a problem for Windows 7 and X?

On Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 09:30:22AM +0100, Andy Koppe wrote:
>2009/8/4 Christopher Faylor:
>>I just noticed one of those annoying black boxes when running X on
>>Windows 7.  ??I don't think I ever tried to run X there before.
>>The first release of Cygwin which was supposed to fix this problem was
>>1.7.0-51 but I can't even run X with that version.
>>Have the console windows always been showing up for xterm in Windows 7?
>Are you running xterm directly from "Run..." or some such?  In that
>case, the console popping up is normal, happens on XP too.  It's
>because xterm is itself a console subsystem program, and unlike rxvt it
>doesn't do anything to hide the console.  (The hidden console trick in
>spawn() of course is for the benefit of GUI subsystem programs that
>invoke console programs, e.g.  XWin and mintty.)

No, I have a pretty fresh installation and I just start the server via
the Start menu option.  I get a black box when the first xterm is popped
up but things behave fine if I start up an xterm by right-clicking on the
X in the Windows status bar.

>Solution: compile xterm with "--Wl,subsystem,windows". Or run it
>through "run.exe".

AFAIK, it is being run via "run" now.


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