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Re: cl.exe and a C1083 error

On 08/05/2009 10:49 PM, Jake wrote:
So we are using regular make files to invoke the ms compiler.  I get correct
behavior on the build servers, but not my local system.  The compiler isn't
picking up the includes we send it on my system.  We use a mount -f -s -b and
that seems to clear up the posix to win32 path issue on the build servers.  I'm
not sure if I'm just missing something.  The only obvious thing that I see is
the build servers is running an older version of cygwin than I am.

I'm going to assume you sent this here because you're using a Cygwin version of 'make'. It really doesn't sound like you're using Cygwin in a way it was intended. You are probably better off looking at Mingw or some other native port of 'make'. Still, from the limited details you've provided, you're successfully using Cygwin's 'make' (again, I'm assuming, otherwise your inquiry would be off-topic for this list) on other machines and you're just having problems on your personal machine. If that's the case, the best advice I can offer is to compare your installation and configuration with the successful machines. That's likely a quicker route to success than relying on someone here trying to spot a problem based on the content of your email to this list, all things considered.

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