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Re: mintty doesn't run on NT4 due to lack of GetConsoleWindow

2009/8/6 Christopher Faylor:
> I spent much of the day trying to resurrect my Windows NT4 system and
> now that I finall have it back, I just tried to run mintty and noticed
> that it seems to be using GetConsoleWindow. ÂThat's not allowed on NT4.
> I get an error that says:
> "The procedure entry point GetConsoleWindow could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll"
> This means that this entry point isn't available on Windows NT4.
> Andy would it be possible to avoid calling this function when it isn't
> available?

If you build mintty from source on 1.7, the workaround code with that
call is omitted, so this particular issue will go away as soon as 1.5
goes dead and I release a 1.7-compiled mintty. (Been too lazy to

However, I suspect NT4 will also barf at "SetLayeredWindowAttributes",
and there might be others. I guess the way to work around such issues
is via GetModuleHandle and GetProcAddress?

If you think it's worth the effort and you want to be the guinea pig,
I'd have a go at making mintty run on NT4. I don't want to set up NT4
myself though.

(And to be honest I don't see the point in Cygwin 1.7 still supporting
NT4. Anyone willing to stick with an OS that's been unsupported for
five years should be more than happy to stick with Cygwin 1.5.)


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