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Re: cygwin (winxp) + mpich2 + msvc++

On 08/06/2009 09:43 AM, ProTonS wrote:

Hello everybody. I have a problem here.

Well, I need compile a mpi interface, and I must do it with cygwin and
msvc2008. Well I have already compiled and installed mpich2 with a make and
make install. Now I have a mpi_interface here, I didnÂt develop it, I just
need compile it. My first error was:
unrecognized option '-GR' c++: unrecognized option '-EHsc' c++:
unrecognized option '-Zm200' c++: unrecognized option '-nologo' c++:

Because I didnt have adjusted the makefile, one flag was CXX := mpicxx I
just changed it to CXX := cl, to use msvc, ok? After that I received another
error, the system cant find pthread.h. I searched on net and find a library
to it,pth-2.0.7, and I have already installed it. Now I receiving another
error :/ The system cant find sys/time.h I searched in the msvc dir and I
just find timeb.h and utime.h I need the sys/time.h library I think. Where
can I find it? And... I making the right process? changing the flag and
everything more?

Since you're using 'cl' and MPL, neither of which is part of Cygwin, this questions seems off-topic for this list to me. That said, if I look at the mpicxx man page, it says:

  mpicxx is a convenience wrappers for the underlying C++ compiler.
  Translation of an Open MPI program requires the linkage of the Open
  MPI-specific libraries which may not reside in one of the standard search
  directories of ld(1). It also often requires the inclusion of header
  files what may also not be found in a standard location.

  mpicxx passes its arguments to the underlying C++ compiler along with the
  -I, -L and -l options required by Open MPI programs.

The Open MPI Team strongly encourages using the wrapper compilers instead of attempting to link to the Open MPI libraries manually. This allows the specific implementation of Open MPI to change without forcing changes to linker directives in users' Makefiles. Indeed, the specific set of flags and libraries used by the wrapper compilers depends on how Open MPI was configured and built; the values can change between different installations of the same version of Open MPI.

  Indeed, since the wrappers are simply thin shells on top of an underlying
  compiler, there are very, very few compelling reasons not to use mpicxx.

So my interpretation of that makes me think the direction you took of
overriding CXX is wrong.  But MPI forums and documentation would be your
best source of information on this subject in my opinion.

-- Larry Hall RFK Partners, Inc. (508) 893-9779 - RFK Office 216 Dalton Rd. (508) 893-9889 - FAX Holliston, MA 01746


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