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Re: cl.exe and a C1083 error

On Thu, Aug 06, 2009 at 04:45:24PM +0000, Jake wrote:
>Larry Hall (Cygwin <reply-to-list-only-lh <at>> writes:
>> I'm going to assume you sent this here because you're using a Cygwin version
>> of 'make'.  It really doesn't sound like you're using Cygwin in a way it
>> was intended.  You are probably better off looking at Mingw or some other
>> native port of 'make'.  Still, from the limited details you've provided,
>> you're successfully using Cygwin's 'make' (again, I'm assuming, otherwise
>> your inquiry would be off-topic for this list) on other machines and you're
>> just having problems on your personal machine.  If that's the case, the
>> best advice I can offer is to compare your installation and configuration
>> with the successful machines.  That's likely a quicker route to success
>> than relying on someone here trying to spot a problem based on the content
>> of your email to this list, all things considered.
>Yes, we are using the cygwin make.  Our builds all normally happen on unix and
>using cygwin works better than wine.  On the machines it works on it's sending
>stuff like:
>cl.exe /I/usr/local/build/release/include
>On my system cl.exe doesn't even pick up the /I with directories like this, on
>the build machine it works correctly.  I was hoping there was some setting to
>allow windows apps to use the posix path in cygwin.  Is there a way to dump all
>the settings from cygwin so that I may diff the results between the machines?

No, there is no such setting.  Making Windows apps understand Cygwin paths would
be very hard.  The only way the above would work is if you had a


directory, assuming that you're running the command on the c: drive, of course.


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