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Re: How to install-libLTLIBRARIES dll to bin?

On 28/07/2009 05:56, Dave Korn wrote:
   Yeh, me too.  I have a horrible hack in the distro gcc that ascends
directories until it finds ...../lib/ and replaces that with ..../bin/

I'm not sure how you did it, so I just made the attached patch to do just that. It's a bit of a hack but I don't think it's so horrible. Chuck, what do you think?

   Only libtool knows about the DLL.  Only the Makefile knows about the setting
of $bindir from configure.  Currently however the Makefile only passes the
path to the output in $libdir.  Therefore ISTM that the only correct solution
is to add a --bindir= option to libtool and modify automake or libtoolise to
ensure it gets passed by the makefiles when they invoke libtool.

It might be more correct, but implementing this would be *VERY* messy. Trust me. The first solution would be much, much easier.


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