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Re: How to install-libLTLIBRARIES dll to bin?

Charles Wilson wrote:

> OTOH, Dave, can you see any reason why Yaakov's simpler "hack" as
> modified by your 19:21:26UTC message shouldn't *ALSO* go in, along with
> --bindir support?  It (1) seems like a reasonable approach, (2) doesn't
> suffer from the "hey that dir doesn't exist yet" problem, and (3)
> doesn't appear to have much potential for causing harm in normal usage.

  Yes, I think it's a good patch.  The existing code is a heuristic, and this
improves the heuristic in a common failure case without breaking it in other
cases, I think it should go in.

> and append a ../bin to it -- which works if THE $libdir and THE $bindir
> are actually siblings.  Since, for gcc, they may not be, --bindir is
> actually a cleaner approach in that case.  But in general,...

  I don't think you needed to qualify that by saying "for gcc they may not be";
it applies to anything that uses autotools.  As long as configure offers the
user --bindir, --libdir, and all these other options for freely renaming and
re-laying-out the $prefix structure during a configure and build, I think that
we need to support them, with a more general approach that will DTRT no matter
how the user configures their build.


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