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Re: libffi-3.0

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:

> From a quick scan of the gcc patches list, it looks like they just
> synced the code between gcc and libffi.  But, AFAICS from gcc SVN, they
> didn't add a libffi.pc pkg-config file, which the standalone version
> provides and some libffi-dependent packages expect to find.  (Yes, I
> know how to override a pkg-config check, but still...)

  Ah, I didn't think of pkg-config.  Hmmmm....  now I have to go away and ponder
for a bit.

> That would be nice, but that won't be available until gcc-4.5, right?
> Until then, is the libffi in gcc-4.[34] work well enough on x86 to use
> in the meantime, particularly if the package explicitly depends on
> libffi-3.0?

  The current one isn't perfect, no, but is probably marginally better than
anything built from the pre-merge upstream libffi repository.  Even after the
merge there were still a bunch of bugs, but I've fixed them in GCC and am just
waiting for one of the guys with privs to sourceware to check them in for me.

  I've backported the fixed libffi for the 4.3 series, so if I get another
release done from there it'll have a good libffi in it.  So, whatever happens
next, we'll get a good libffi out of it.


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