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Re: (everything!) command not found

On 08/09/2009 11:03 AM, DY wrote:
After my XP laptop died I have gone to Vista.  I installed cygwin on
vista, then did ash and
rebaseall, and now when I run cygwin, no matter what I do it says
"command not found". I
thought it was a permissions thing so (I think) I changed the
permissions by unclicking the
"Read only" button under properties for all cygwin files in vista, but I
can't actually tell whether
I changed the permissions because I can't do "ls -la". Also, on XP the
command prompt
defaulted to something other than bash-3.2$. I'm not sure if that's a
problem - but it's a bit

Sounds like a problem running postinstall scripts. Check '/etc/postinstall' for any scripts not suffixed by '.done'. If you find any, just rerun 'setup.exe' and "Next" through the pages. This should get 'setup.exe' to rerun any postinstall scripts it has not already. If that doesn't solve it, then look at 'setup.log.full' for hints. And if you need to follow-up, send the log and the requested output described in the problem-reporting link below:

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