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Re: tar deletes .exe files on extraction

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Aug 10 16:24, Steven Hartland wrote:
>> It might be a silly idea but would it potentially be an option to alter
>> this behaviour based on an cygwin environment variable, so that the past
>> behaviour is restored for wider compatibility.
> Sorry, but no.  The switch existed in 1.5.25 (CYGWIN=transparent_exe)
> but has been explicitely removed in 1.7.

Not that I'm volunteering for the duty or anything ;-), but do you think
you would accept a patch which allows this feature to be toggled using a
mount option instead?  Assuming it's even possible, this sort of
behavior would allow someone in Steven's position to dynamically enable
the feature as necessary by creating a temporary mount of the target
directory tree prior to performing the extraction.  I can imagine
various kinds of Windows automation that could conceivably make use of
this feature, but I admit that the user base for it might be pretty small.


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