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Re: 1.7.0-56: Subversion svn+ssh:// URLs often fail

On 08/10/2009 03:47 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

I ran this testcase on a Windows 7 RTM box, using the latest Cygwin from CVS, in a debug and in an optimized version. The loop ran ~2000 iterations under the debug Cygwin DLL and more then 3000 iterations under the optimized DLL without any problem, until I killed them using Ctrl-C.

So, either there's a BLODA problem on your machine, or the problem
has been fixed in CVS.

Still failing for me on 1.7.0-57 I am afraid. Here's a fragment on the failing strace if that's at all useful. Consider:

let a=1
while strace -d -n --mask=all -o$a.trace svn ls svn+ssh://myserver/myrepo/ >$a &&
[ -s $a ]
echo -n $a
let ++a

$a got to 6 before:

12345 881780 [main] svn 4260 fork: child -1 - died waiting for longjmp before initialization, retry 0, exit code 0xC0000005, errno 11
svn: Can't create tunnel: Resource temporarily unavailable

6.trace is attached. The error is marked by the word "exception."

Dunno if this is useful. Is there any other information that would be?

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