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rxvt slow to get the prompt if another rxvt is already open on windows 7 64bit


I have been using for long time cygwin on WinXP Prof 32bit and the 
terminal I always use is the rxvt. Everything has always worked properly. 
Now I will get a new PC and I am thinking to switch to windows 7 64bit 
(the official release just released some days ago), so I am doing some 
tests because the not-correct-functionality of cygwin and rxvt would be a 
no-go for it.

Up to now almost everything seem to work. The only problem that I have is:

* I start one rxvt console --> fast startup, I get fast the prompt, 
everything nice.
* I keep that console open and I start another rxvt console --> the rxvt 
window pops up, but until I get the prompt it stays in a "loading/not 
responding" state for 5 to 8 seconds. Then once I get the prompt 
everything works fine
* same thing with every rxvt console I open afterward (without closing the 
previous ones).
* I close all of them, I start again the procedure --> same result: the 
first is fast all other are slow.

I have tried:

to change my $HOME, 
to change/delete all my point files, 
to start rxvt with different options (for example: 
C:\Programme\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe  or C:\Programme\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe -fn 
"Courier New-16" -bg "ivory1" -fg black -sr -sl 1000  -vb -e /usr/bin/bash 
to start it from a link on the desktop, 
to start it from the Start "bar" with the "default" links,
to start it  from the cywin console (after having started X)

 ... every time I get the same result.

I have to say if I start the "cygwin" console it starts fast no matter now 
many of them are started.

What's wrong? do you have any idea? this is rather annoying.

p.s. I have already done a rebaseall.

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