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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: run-1.1.11-1

Ken Brown wrote:
> I'm running XP SP3.  To reproduce the problem:
> 1. Start the X server by using the start menu shortcut (which invokes
> run.exe on startxwin.bat).
> 2. Start emacs by the shortcut above.
> 3. List the home directory via C-x d [RET].
> 4. Repeatedly press the space bar to scroll through the list.  There is
> often a delay before the cursor moves.
> Reverting to run-1.1.10-1 solves the problem.

Thanks for the report. Do you know if emacs.exe itself contains its own
version of hide-the-console?  What happens if you (temporarily) do the

change your system environment variable settings (using the My Computer
properties window, etc) to set

PATH=C:\cygwin-1.7\bin;<and whatever else you had>

and then create a shortcut directly to emacs.exe? (I know, emacs.exe
might rely too heavily on the .dotfiles settings that get pulled in by
launching it via bash -c -l /usr/bin/emacs.  Just humor me, for now.)

BTW, you *are* using cygwin-1.7 + run-1.1.11-10 (not -1.1.11-1) when you
see the problem, right?


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