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Re: what is the meaning of the + in an ls -l ?

Sorry. Even after 15 years of linux I still use man pretty much
exclusively and rarely think to check with info.

Thanks for the reminder that info exists. However, the entry about + in
the info manual is minimal at best - it says nothing about getfacl or
anything else useful. However, I will remember to check info in all
other cases before hitting the forum.


Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Aug 13 10:10, Mike Schmidt wrote:
I have noticed that in many cases when listing files with ls there is a
+ at the end of the permissions. What does this mean? It seems to be
related to some problems I am having with file access from windows
programs after the files have been modified by emacs in a cygwin session.


-rwx------+ 1 user1 Aucun 3063892 Jan 20 2009 agent.exe
-rwx------ 1 user1 Aucun 821 Aug 13 02:16 config.xml
-rwx------+ 1 user1 Aucun 569 Jan 20 2009 config.xml~

The fine manual is the right start for questions like these.

$ info ls


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