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Re: cron cannot change user

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Mike Schmidt" 
To: cygwin
Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2009 2:09 PM

| On all the systems where cron works I did NOT run cron-config. I used
| the following line to install cron:
| cygrunsrv --install cron --path=/usr/sbin/cron --desc='Cygwin cron
| service' --type=auto --neverexits -a '-n'
| It has always worked for me.
| Nothing cron-related in /tmp
| When it stopped working on 1 system, I ran cron-config on that system.
| Here is the result:
| <snip> 
| Running cron_diagnose ...
| It appears that you do not have an entry for:
| in /etc/passwd.

OK, that happens because your environment has
and that confuses cron-config (it's trying to check you have a passwd entry)
I suspect that you are logged in under ssh or some such.
It's a Cygwin issue with a long history, but it's not something to worry about for cron.
I will fix that test.
| ================================================================
| attached is the cronbug.txt
| Note that if I run cron-config on any of the systems that work perfectly
| fine, I get the same warnings about the account and the environment, but
| when I restore the service with the cygrunserv command above, it works
| fine. Only this 1 system refuses. They use the same userids and
| configuration as far as I can tell.

What do you mean by "refuses"? 

As far as I can see from the log, cron does change to the "impact" user and the command runs.
What led you to the "Subject:" of your e-mail?
What's happening  to all the  echo `date` > /tmp/date you have been running recently ?
It's kind of weird they don't run every minute.

I also see some MAIL (mailed 56 bytes of output but got status 0x0001)
That would happen if /tmp is not writable. Any reason that would be the case ?
Just to be sure, please edit /bin/cronlog and change all "exit 1" to "exit 123".


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