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Building the Linux 2.6.30 kernel under Cygwin 1.7 almost works out of the box

I wanted to try the case sensitivity feature of 1.7 on ntfs so I tweaked the registry key and tried a kernel build.

Using the stock 1.7 tools I build a couple of cross tool chains with binutils-2.19.1 and gcc 4.4.1 from source tar balls.

Using the cross tool chains I successfully built defconfig 2.6.30 kernels for i386 and arm.

The only hack was to add these includes for use by modpost to modpost.h between the include of elf.h and elfconfig.h

There were also a few redefinition warnings, but they seemed to be benign - but I have not boot tested the kernels.


#include <elf.h>
#define R_386_32        1
#define R_386_PC32      2
#define R_ARM_ABS32             2
#define R_ARM_PC24              1
#define R_MIPS_26               4
#define R_MIPS_32               2
#define R_MIPS_HI16             5
#define R_MIPS_LO16             6

#include "elfconfig.h"

FYI - Steve

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