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Re: rxvt slow to get the prompt if another rxvt is already open on windows 7 64bit

2009/8/14 Corinna Vinschen:
>> I tried it again briefly last night. It only happened when logged in
>> as an administrator, not as a limited user. That's with UAC enabled.
>> Didn't try disabling. Reproduced both with 'rxvt' and 'mintty -u', and
>> timed the delay to about 15 seconds.
>> Trying to investigate further now, I can no longer reproduce it.
>> That's without having changed anything, knowingly anyway.
> What you could do is this. ÂBuild a Cygwin DLL without optimization so
> that it's easily debuggable and install the cygwin1.dbg file alongside
> of the DLL. ÂSince the delay is so long, 15 secs, you could have enough
> time to attach to the process via gdb and examine the thread call
> stacks. ÂMaybe that gives us a clue.

I keep on trying it every now and then, but haven't been able to
reproduce the issue again.


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