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Re: No etc/passwd (was) Re: (everything!) command not found

Oh, I'm sorry, I meant that the directory my prompt defaults to. I wanted the directory my
prompt defaulted to to be my home directory. When I installed cygwin last time the
default directory was my home directory, and the prompt showed the directory I was
currently in (e.g., my prompt looked like: /home/yarringt$). Now I get as a prompt bash-3.2$
and the directory it starts in is c:/cygwin.

I guess my biggest fear is that cygwin is not installed properly, so when I try to install and
run perl scripts they won't work. More specifically I want to make sure my paths are
set properly, and I would actually like it if I could make it so when I enter cygwin I default
to my home directory. I would also like to know if having a passwd and a profile are
necessary, and, if so, what should they look like.

Less specifically, why didn't cygwin's set up automatically create a passwd and a profile
for me when it does for everyone else and what does that indicate about cygwin's being
installed properly.


Mark J. Reed wrote:
On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 1:07 PM, DY wrote:
no - when I was looking at the cygwin icon I was saying the path.
Sorry for the confusion.

"Here's the deal. My prompt defaults to c:/cygwin and I want it to default to my home directory (with the path as the prompt)."

Confusing indeed! So what are you actually trying to accomplish now?

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