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The greatest open source software of all time

Some of you may have seen this article from Info World but I thought I'd
highlight a portion that seemed relevant to this list:

  One last note on the subject of Windows: Linux and *BSD users enjoy a
  great set of powerful utilities and commands for free -- but what happens
  when Linux and *BSD users get stuck working on a Windows computer? Why,
  look no further than Cygwin. A port of the Unix POSIX system calls to the
  Win32 environment, Cygwin allows you to run the GNU Compiler Collection
  and many GNU utilities on a Windows machine.

It's easy to get caught up in the bugs and issues that fly around this list
and forget about what impact Cygwin as a distribution has for its user base.
So I thought it would be good to take a moment to focus on that for a
change.  What you're all doing is making a difference out there and people
notice. :-)

If you're interested in looking at the rest of the article, you can find
it here: <>


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