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Unable to use cpan

More and more of my clients nowadays restrict where you can go to "get things from the net". I have managed to convince management to allow blanket permission to install CPAN modules for our code development. I wish to install them en massà using a "bundle" with the cpan(1) script. However it doesn't seem to work right. I'm not sure if this is a Cygwin issue or a CPAN issue. If the later then pointers would be appreciated.

In it's simplest form I cannot install even a single CPAN module due to this error. Note that cpan(1) tries various methods to retrieve the external CPAN module, including LWP, Net::Ftp, etc. I have ncftp and have managed to configure it to properly use the proxy in order to obtain stuff from the net. For example, I can ncftp to my server at home from my client's machines by utilizing the proxy settings.

While cpan(1) fails to get the material with LWP, Net::Ftp, etc. It does seem to succeed when using ncftp but then fails with an odd error about trying to rename the file it downloaded and failing to:

$ cpan Algorithm::Diff
CPAN: File::HomeDir loaded ok (v0.80)
CPAN: Storable loaded ok (v2.18)
Trying with "/bin/ncftpget" to get 161.78 kB 796.93 kB/s Error while trying to rename '/home/p6258c/.cpan/sources/modules/' to '/home/p6258c/.cpan/sources/modules/': No such file or directory

Yet I see:

$ ls /home/p6258c/.cpan/sources/modules/*

IOW I see the "tmp3996" and then the ".gz" yet the cpan command tried to rename a file with ".gz" and then ".tmp3996".

Andrew DeFaria <>
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