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Re: [1.7.0-60] crash on exit on c++ program (octave)

Marco Atzeri wrote:
> Hi,
> I was building the latest octave-3.2.2 on cygwin-1.7.0-60
> and I found that the program crash on exit.
> A single command "exit" is enough to core dump the program; for the rest it is working as expected and pass all the build test.
> Also the previous octave-3.2.0 that I build/released 
> on 29th June (probably 1.7.0-50 time) is crashing with 
> cygwin 1.7.0-60. 
> Testing previous cygwin versions I found that octave-3.2.0
> works fine with 1.7.0-52 and crashes with 1.7.0-56. 
> Could Dave's change mentioned here
> be the cause ?

  The problem is related to termination sequence.  octave calls dlclose() for
all the modules it loads, from octave_dld_function::~octave_dld_function() at
shutdown time.  The modules in question have already had their dtors run, and
dlclose() causes them to be run a second time.

  We should probably make running the dtors idempotent, or unlink each dll
from the dll_list as we go.  I need to think about this for a little while,
more later.


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