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Re: Changing HOME for PERL

On 08/26/2009 03:30 PM, Andy Koppe wrote:
I installed Cygwin yesterday and when I run it and look at "pwd" my path
is set to:   /cygdrive/h

I read the FAQ and when I type "set HOME" from a Windows CLI, it is set

I am using Cygwin for PERL.

I just took a PERL course and in class Cygwin was configured for:

This was perfect because I could make my SheBang look like:

I would like to do that again with the Cygwin I installed myself

I did modify /etc/passwd.
The last line had:      ...:/cygdrive/h:/bin/bash
and I changed it to:    ...:/usr/bin/perl:/bin/bash

But when I open a new Cygwin session it remembers the old /cygdrive/h

The HOME variable takes precedence over /etc/passwd, hence you need to either unset it or set it to the location you want before invoking bash. It's likely set in the System Properties. The exact location depends on the Windows version, but it's something like Computer->Context Menu->Properties->Advanced->Environment Variables.

Also, the *path* you set in '/etc/passwd' is meant to reference a directory,
not a file (or binary in this case). '/usr/bin/perl' on my Cygwin installation is
a binary. So I think you're looking for something else (but I really have no
idea what since I couldn't grok the comment "in class Cygwin was configured
for: /usr/bin/perl" and how that relates to your interest in setting your
home directory.

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