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Re: Changing HOME for PERL wrote:
> Before I go and end this thread can you tell me if the Perl.exe I have
> in Cygwin looks correct?
> I can cd /usr/bin 
> and the Perl there is:
> dextem@USENDEXTEML1C /usr/bin
> $ ls -la Perl.exe
> -rwxrwxrw-+ 1 dextem mkgroup-l-d 34304 Jul 19  2007 Perl.exe
> I am not seeing the 'x' for execute however and maybe this is the issue?

I actually see the 'x' both for your user and for the unknown group
mkgroup-l-d.  There are ACL settings indicated by the '+' for the file
however, and I suppose it's possible that those could potentially affect
your access to perl.exe.  You can examine the ACL by running getfacl on
perl.exe or by using the Security tab on the file properties dialog for
that file.

I'm also concerned about the date stamp on that perl.exe.  My Cygwin
installation is a little stale, but my perl.exe is still dated at July
3, 2008, while yours is almost a year older.  This makes me suspicious
of your Cygwin installation as a whole.

In any case, submitting the cygcheck output as documented in the problem
reporting guidelines will likely clear up the problem quicker than me or
anyone else guessing about the permissions and other attributes of your


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