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RE: Re: Changing HOME for PERL

Hi Andrew,

It seems my Cygwin has attached itself to the PERL on my C drive and not
the cygwin Perl.   How do I change that?  Also debugger seemed to work

dextem@USENDEXTEML1C /usr/bin
$ which perl

dextem@USENDEXTEML1C /usr/bin
$ which Perl

dextem@USENDEXTEML1C /usr/bin
$ perl -de 1

Loading DB routines from version 1.28
Editor support available.

Enter h or `h h' for help, or `perldoc perldebug' for more help.

main::(-e:1):   1
  DB<1> q

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From: [] On Behalf
Of Andrew DeFaria
Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2009 10:53 AM
Subject: Re: Changing HOME for PERL wrote:
> Before I go and end this thread can you tell me if the Perl.exe I have

> in Cygwin looks correct?
> I can cd /usr/bin and the Perl there is:
> dextem@USENDEXTEML1C /usr/bin
> $ ls -la Perl.exe
> -rwxrwxrw-+ 1 dextem mkgroup-l-d 34304 Jul 19 2007 Perl.exe
> I am not seeing the 'x' for execute however and maybe this is the
This is odd. You do know that Unix, thus Cygwin, implements a case 
sensitive file system (in most cases) and that Perl.exe is not the same 
as perl.exe. I've never seen a Perl.exe in Cygwin and alas I have no 
more Windows machines at home to test on.

Given the above I do see an "x" - actually two of them - one for owner 
and one for group. You are the owner (dextem) so you have execute 
permissions. (BTW: the mkgroup thing is trying to tell you to run 
mkgroup > /etc/group).

Aside from reporting your particulars as described in, it would be interesting to show the 
output of "which perl" and try a "perl -de 1" to start up Perl in it's 
debugger from the command line. If that works then the shebang line 
should work. If the shebang line is not working then I would thing "perl

-de 1" would also not work and may output enlightening stuff.
Andrew DeFaria <>
Now they show you how detergents take out bloodstains. I think if you've

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