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Re: Adding packages (was: mkfs.jffs2 support in CYGWIN)

Andy Koppe wrote:
>> How to install is here:
> I don't think it's terribly obvious that you simply need to run
> setup.exe again to add more packages after initial installation. This
> is not a common thing to do with other installers, and with some
> installers this might even mess things up, so people might be wary of
> doing this.

  Ah.  Well.  It's not a common thing to do with *Windows* installers, but on
Linux - which is what Cygwin aims to emulate - it's absolutely the standard
practice to use a single central package management program that updates your
whole system for you.

> So to help matters, perhaps setup.exe could be installed as part of
> Cygwin, and a suitably named link to it added to the start menu? Even
> better if that link would take it directly to the package selection
> screen.

  That's not a bad idea at all.  Would make Cygwin even more Linux-like!


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