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Re: fresh install, tcsh problems

On 08/27/2009 06:35 PM, Ken R. Dye wrote:

On a recent fresh install of cygwin, I had problems with getting the tcsh shell to work. "if: Expression Syntax".

I figured out to invoke it with -V to be verbose on the
system scripts and found a issue with
/etc/profile.d/complete.tcsh having problems with home
directory names that have spaces in them, and since windows
home directories reside in "Documents and Settings" this
should be a problem with *every* install.

This isn't true. '/etc/profile' shows how Cygwin decides what your home directory is. Only if there is no HOME set in your Windows environment and no home directory specified in '/etc/profile' for your user will you end up with the results of $HOMEDRIVE/$HOMEPATH. On XP, this will get you into the realm of "Documents and Settings". For Vista and later, HOMEPATH does not contain spaces.

A little googling on the problem found this:

so the problem/fix was reported in April 2008.

And indeed fixed. But you'll need to move to the upcoming 1.7 release to get it. <>

Is this cygwin's way of saying "you should be using bash"?

You're not using bash? Are you ill?

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