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Re: Changing HOME for PERL

On 08/27/2009 09:49 PM, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
Dexter_Michael wrote:
I think you hit the nail on the head. Apparently yesterday when I
entered the path /usr/bin/perl somewhere, Cygwin decided to create a
perl directory and automatically put profile files into the directory
it created.

Well remember, you started out trying to make Perl your home. That was a
foolish thing to try. I don't know why you thought that was something
you wanted to do. You actually set your home directory to /usr/bin/perl
and Cygwin dutifully said, when starting up bash, "The user's home
directory is <X>. Hmmm... that directory doesn't exist! I'll be nice and
create one. Oh and let's put in there some skeleton like start up

Yes, I believe that's been pointed out already. It would be fair to say your response fills in a few more details, though it might be a tad more insulting. To each his own I always say.

I moved the "perl" directory out of /usr/bin and the SheBang
/usr/bin/perl began working.
Great, now do "rm -rf <dir>" where <dir> is the path to where you moved
that Perl directory to. You don't need that any more. That was a mistake.
As for my path statement I will be trimming that down right next.

If I emailed anyone directly using this forum that was not my
intention. I always meant to hit -reply-to-all- so sorry if you got
mail directly from me by mistake.
I don't think reply-to-all is what you wanted to use. I'm not sure
however as I don't use a mailing list rather I use a news server
( which translates this mailing list into a Usenet style news
group, which I prefer.

It's great that you like the newsgroup format and that Gmane offers Cygwin's mail lists as a newsgroups. But "Reply to All" is indeed a common reply option on email clients and will reply to the list unless the sender has requested otherwise. So unless I'm misunderstanding the OP, this is exactly his intent.

Have we arrived at the end of the thread yet?

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