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Re: Adding packages

On 08/28/2009 02:55 PM, Andy Koppe wrote:
Larry Hall:
Adding a link to<>  shouldn't be allot of work
and may help if the menu was properly named.

Good idea. I'll throw a name into the ring: "Cygwin package manager".

While I personally would think that's fine, I'm not sure it addresses the need that sparked this thread offshoot. For people who have trouble recognizing that they need to invoke 'setup.exe' to update, add and remove packages, we might need to be more explicit like "Update/Add/Remove Cygwin Software". I'm not married to my alternate wording though.

Beyond that requires significant changes to 'setup.exe'

What would be needed beyond the packaging? I guess one problem is that setup.exe couldn't update itself; could it rely on the "do it at next reboot" solution instead?

I wasn't actually thinking of packaging 'setup.exe'. I would think that pointing
to the version on the web page is always preferable, because then it's
never out-of-date. My comments about "significant changes" were relative
to the idea of making 'setup.exe' invoked by any added menu item
start on the package selection page. Actually, I don't think this would be
real hard (what's another command-line switch after all ;-) ) but it would
take some time and effort to do. This is significant effort when compared
with the effort required to make no changes. ;-)

which would require some volunteer effort to make it happen.

Don't think I've got spare cycles to commit, unfortunately.

Yes, this is a common problem and a recurring theme. I sympathize.

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