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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] updated: orpie-1.5.1-2

> 2010/1/8 Thomas Wolff:
> > Andrew Schulman wrote:
> >>
> >> A new version of orpie, 1.5.1-2, is now available in the Cygwin
> >> distribution.
> >>
> >> This release is a Cygwin-only update. ?The package has been rebuilt for
> >> Cygwin
> >> 1.7, removing dependence on some obsolete packages. ?I recommend that all
> >> users
> >> of Orpie in Cygwin upgrade to the new version.
> >>
> >
> > Works well in the cygwin console; in mintty, however, it just reports:
> > /usr/bin/orpie.exe: error while loading shared libraries: ?: cannot open
> > shared object file: No such file or directory
> > It *does* work in a cygwin 1.5 mintty, though, so it's not a limitation
> > related to Windows console/pty incompatibilites, unless something got
> > changed here.
> Same here, but only in an existing mintty window. Orpie works fine in
> a newly opened mintty.
> And the difference appears to be in the PATH: in the new session it
> has an additional /usr/lib/lapack at the end.

OK, sorry about this.  I think a few things are conspiring:

* cygport didn't tell me that orpie depends on lapack, and I had forgotten
that it does, and stupidly removed it from setup.hint.

* In order for lapack to work, you have to have /usr/lib/lapack in your
$PATH.  IMO that's a bug, but the lapack maintainer told me a couple of
years ago that it's a wontfix.

So Thomas, please try this:  install lapack, and add /usr/bin/lapack to
your $PATH.  Then retry orpie, and let me know if that fixes the problem.


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