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Possible BSOD from getcwd on WinXP SP3


Building tar seems to trigger a Blue Screen Of Death on WinXP.

I installed Cygwin (see attached for system information). I then
downloaded the source for tar-1.22-1 and executed:

cygport tar-1.22-1 compile 2>&1 | tee /tmp/file

The source code is unpacked and configure starts. During the configure
step the machine blue screens.

Upon reboot I look at the end of /tmp/file and I find:

$ tail /tmp/file
checking if environ is properly declared... yes
checking for error_at_line... no
checking for working fcntl.h... no (bad O_NOATIME)
checking for struct stat.st_blocks... yes
checking for working GNU fnmatch... no
checking whether isblank is declared... yes
checking whether __fpending is declared... no
checking how to determine the number of pending output bytes on a
stream... fp->_p - fp->_bf._base
checking for fseeko... yes
checking whether getcwd handles long file names properly...

In /usr/src/tar-1.22-1/src and I find the results of the getcwd test:

A very deep directory tree called conftest3
The source for conftest (conftest.c - attached)
Compiled binary contest.exe

In Cygwin attempting to cd to the bottom of the conftest3 directory tree
will yield a BSOD. Running conftest.exe will yield a BSOD. A little
experimentation with conftest.c shows the error happens during the
creation of the directory tree. The Windows native tools are unable to
correctly manage the conftest3 tree (I cannot remove it or descend to
the bottom)

The only information I have been able to get out of the Windows crash
dumps is the fault happens somewhere in the ntfs.sys driver.

Thank you.

George Henson
Contractor, General Dynamics Information Technology
Joint Medical Logistics Functional Development Center
Email to: george dot henson2 at us dot army dot mil

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