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Re: Windows 7

On 01/29/2010 08:45 PM, Brian Wilson wrote:
I had a similar problem upgrading on XP.  I think my issue was related to a
heap space allocation issue which prevents the shell from running during the
installation.  I found that failed installations left shell processes running,
but not doing anything useful.

Check the documentation as I believe there is a fix for the heap space issue.
In my case, I killed these useless shells and that allowed the Cygwin bash
shell to start up with out heap space errors.  I cleaned out the
/etc/postinstall directory by removing any shell scripts (rm *.sh) and
rerunning the setup.  Cygwin installed okay for me after that.

There's no reason to remove postinstall scripts and, in fact, very good reason to not do so - your installation could be incomplete. If things are working for you and you have no complaints, there's no reason to revisit this issue but in case others reading this thread thought this would be a good thing to try, I wanted something on record that would recommend against it.

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