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Re: Fyi Apache2 notes: No space left on device / Cannot create SSLMutex

On Sun, 24 Jan 2010 23:28:19 Christopher Faylor wrote:
> I don't know that this site even uses Cygwin.  They'd actually be pretty dumb
> to use Cygwin's apache on a high-volume site like that so it probably is not
> the case.  I just thought it was an odd coincidence that I read about the same
> problem from the same netblock in a 60 second window.

I run Cygwin apache2 on a low-ish volume site (about 30 unique visitors per
day, plus the never-ending stream of bots which all public sites serve) and
the latest - as of 30 Jan 2010 - Cygwin apache2 running on a new Windows 7
x64 machine eventually crashes the machine.

Note that if apache2 is running but the machine is _not_ getting hits then there
are no problems.  As soon as httpd2 starts getting even this modest number of
connections there will be problems.  The machine mostly runs unattended at a remote
site.  After running httpd2 for about 24 hours I can no longer ssh into the machine,
and often when I do get a chance to attend the machine it has crashed.

The same site was served by an old XP Home box running Cygwin apache2 for years
and there was never a problem.



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