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Re: Windows 7

I stand (actually I'm sitting) corrected. :)

The reason I deleted the .sh script was because it would never run to 
completion on subsequent installs.  I also forgot to add that I went though 
and selected reinstall for all my packages to avoid the problem you pointed 
out.  It took a while, but everything is working for me. 


Brian S. Wilson
Home: (678) 376-9258       Cell: (678) 232-9357

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Sent: Sun, 31 Jan 2010 20:13:03 -0500
Subject: Re: Windows 7

> On 01/29/2010 08:45 PM, Brian Wilson wrote:
> > I had a similar problem upgrading on XP.  I think my issue was related to 
> > heap space allocation issue which prevents the shell from running during 
> > installation.  I found that failed installations left shell processes 
> > but not doing anything useful.
> >
> > Check the documentation as I believe there is a fix for the heap space 
> > In my case, I killed these useless shells and that allowed the Cygwin bash
> > shell to start up with out heap space errors.  I cleaned out the
> > /etc/postinstall directory by removing any shell scripts (rm *.sh) and
> > rerunning the setup.  Cygwin installed okay for me after that.
> There's no reason to remove postinstall scripts and, in fact, very 
> good reason to not do so - your installation could be incomplete.  
> If things are working for you and you have no complaints, there's no 
> reason to revisit this issue but in case others reading this thread 
> thought this would be a good thing to try, I wanted something on 
> record that would recommend against it.
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