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Re: ./configure on cygwin in window platform

On 2/1/2010 21:49, J J wrote:
Please help me out. I spent for three days but I still could install gcc in window on cygwin.

Problem is I could not install gcc file, (mingw-w64-trunk-snapshot-20091222.tar.bz2), on cygwin in window platform.

I would like to unpack and intall gcc (mingw-w64-trunk-snapshot-20091222.tar.bz2) on cygwin on window platform. I follow instruction posted on The problem I have found out is I could not process the configure step as below. The result shows "No such file or directory"

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ ../gcc-*/configure --enable-languages=c,c++
$ make
$ make install

May it be because of (1) setting srcdir or objdir non-correctly or (2) else ?

What I have done are:
1. Download gcc file and load it into /usr/build. Build subfolder is created by me. -->  ( equal to $ mkdir build  and  $ cd build)
2. Unpack gcc tar.bz2 file (mingw-w64-trunk-snapshot-20091222.tar.bz2) on that location. -->  It generates trunk subfolder that contains some subfolder too.
3. $mkdir build  and $cd build -->  current location is urs/build
4. $ ../trunk/configure --enable-languages=c,c++  -->  It does not work. Error = "No such file or directory"

Comparing to what you recommend on ,

To configure GCC:
% mkdir objdir
% cd objdir
% srcdir/configure [options] [target]

You mentions that objdir can not be a subdirectory of srcdir. This is why I tried one more time with the different folder and the same level under usr folder. What I did are:

1. Download gcc (mingw-w64-trunk-snapshot-20091222.tar.bz2) for window platform again into usr/tmp
2. Unpack it in the usr/tmp/. The path result are approximately

3. $cd build -->  under usr folder -->  current location is usr/build -->  build is already created by me on the previous work.
4  command to configure ->  $../mingw-w64-trunk-snapshot-20091222.tar.bz2/configure --enable-language=c,c++  -->  Show error msg = "No such file or directory"
5. Try $ ../trunk/mingw-w64-trunk-snapshot-20091222.tar.bz2/configure --enable-language=c,c++  -->  Show error msg = "No such file or directory".

Please help me out. I don't why I could not and thank you very much, Jasmine Ps. I am pretty much new with cygwin and this is my first time.


you've unpacked it to usr/tmp/trunk..., in usr/build, use ../trunk
/.../mingw... instead.

You have also forgot to set --target, please read the mingw-w64 build
instructions more carefully.

I suggest you read <>.
It would help a new user like you to make sense of the CLI environment.

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