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Re: ARPACK and cygwin

On 03/02/2010 15:06, Niels Martinsen wrote:
> Ok, so now I have installed cygwin and included gcc4-fortran,
> libarpack0 and libarpack-devel. What is the procedure from here? Do I
> compile the files, or how do I get started? I am planning on using it
> with Mathematica (I am not sure you can use this info for anything,
> but I thought I'd better give it). I have installed Mathematica on XP
> - can ARPACK and Mathematica communicate like this or what?

  Well, I don't know much about fortran or ARPACK myself, but as far as I
know, ARPACK is a library of mathematical functions, and you write code in
fortran that uses those functions to do your number crunching.  The library is
linked against your program when you compile it by adding "-larpack" to the
linker flags, but you do have to write your own code; it's a programming utility.

  Mathematica, according to a quick google search, is just such a program,
i.e. it already has the ARPACK routines built in and it uses them to do what
it does, so it wouldn't need to communicate with an external version of the
library as well.  You probably didn't need anything but mathematica in the
first place...


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