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unable to install multiple packages from the command line

Installing multiple packages from the the command line used to work, but no longer does for me.  It installs the first requested package, but none of the rest.

Note that --help doesn't say exactly how to specify multiple packages.  A comma separated list used to work.  Specifying multiple --packages options gives no warning or error, but only installs the last requested package.

 -P --packages                          Specify packages to install

PS C:\cygwin> C:\cygwin\setup.exe --quiet-mode --no-shortcuts --root C:\cygwin --local-package-dir C:\cygwin\LocalPackageDir --packages netcat,procps
Starting cygwin install, version 2.680
io_stream_cygfile: fopen(/etc/setup/net-proxy-host) failed 2 No such file or directory
io_stream_cygfile: fopen(/etc/setup/net-proxy-port) failed 2 No such file or directory
io_stream_cygfile: fopen(/etc/setup/extrakeys) failed 2 No such file or directory
io_stream_cygfile: fopen(/etc/setup/chooser_window_settings) failed 2 No such file or directory
Current Directory: C:\cygwin\LocalPackageDir
PS C:\cygwin> User has backup/restore rights
Changing gid to Administrators
Could not open service McShield for query, start and stop. McAfee may not be installed, or we don't have access.
root: C:\cygwin binary system
Selected local directory: C:\cygwin\LocalPackageDir
net: IE5
Loaded cached mirror list
Added manual package netcat
Changing gid back to original
Visited: 63 nodes out of 1678 while creating dependency order.
Dependency order of packages: base-cygwin base-passwd cygwin libgcc1 libiconv2 libintl8 alternatives alternatives libgmp
3 libintl3 terminfo0 libncurses8 texinfo _update-info-dir gawk tzcode coreutils terminfo libncurses9 libreadline7 bash f
indutils sed base-files libbz2_1 bzip2 cron crypt editrights gettext libpcre0 grep diffutils csih cygrunsrv libpopt0 lib
stdc++6 cygutils groff gzip less man cygwin-doc dash ipc-utils liblzma1 libncurses10 libssp0 libwrap0 login mintty ncurs
es netcat openssl zlib0 zlib-devel zlib openssh rebase run xz tar which
Ending cygwin install

PS C:\cygwin>

Tom Schutter
First American Spatial Solutions
303-440-7272 x6822

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