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Re: what's the problem of my cygwin installation?

On 02/03/2010 11:31 PM, thinktwice wrote:

i use Cygwin1.7.1setup.exe to start an fresh installation, because i have downloaded an full package from internet, so i choose local install. setup process finished successfully.

but when i try to open cgywin, it warns me "bash: /usr/bin/sed: No such file
or directory, bash: /bin/grep: No such file or directory bash: sed: command
not found

how to fix the problem?

Try these:

1. Rerun 'setup.exe' again. Cycle through all the pages taking the defaults.
This will make sure that the post-install scripts all run to completion if they
didn't last time. Make sure you use the 'setup.exe' from The
current version is 2.680.

2. Remove any previous versions of Cygwin or stray cygwin1.dlls you may
  have hanging around.

3. Look for <>. Remove ant found.

4. Look for and remove or otherwise hide any toolsets providing like-named

5. Look in /var/setup.log* for complaints. Fix problems reported as possible.

6. If all else fails, read and follow the problem reporting guidelines found
  here <>.  It's probably worthwhile to
  *attach* your setup.log.full to any such future problem report.

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