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Re: Is cygwin support linux header file??

On 02/04/2010 08:36 PM, phil song wrote:
            when I compile some project in cygwin,It prompts

/cygdrive/g/work_platform/open-s/ftk-0.2/src/os/linux/ftk_linux.h:43:22: linux/fb.h: No such file or
/cygdrive/g/work_platform/open-s/ftk-0.2/src/os/linux/ftk_linux.h:44:22: linux/kd.h: No such file or
/cygdrive/g/work_platform/open-s/ftk-0.2/src/os/linux/ftk_linux.h:45:25: linux/input.h: No such file
  or directory

who can tell me how to operate to let fb.h in cygwin enviroment?

You can't. You're compiling code built to depend of Linux-specific features. If you want to build it on another platform, you're going to need to figure out what it's doing on Linux and figure out how to accomplish that on the target platform. Some would call this non-portable code. And they'd be right.

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