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Re: AW: [bulk] - Re: One Problem solved other found -> dlclose not calling destructors

On 05/02/2010 14:12, Dave Korn wrote:

>   trim all the quotes from old emails

  BTW, and back on the main topic: I spent ten minutes last night (don't have
a lot of spare time) trying to reproduce the problem, since I happen to have
an eclipse install lying around.  I installed the latest version of the EPIC
plugin, which was .33 compared to the .27 you are using, and I'm using a
version of the DLL with the atexit patch.

  Not having used EPIC debugger before I wasn't quite sure what to look for,
but once I figured out how to configure it I was able to run your helloworld
example and step over it.  I didn't see any hang, or "launching delegate"
stuff, it seemed like it was working; I could step over the print statement
and see the output and let the program run to completion.

  So you should at least try updating your EPIC to the latest, maybe it'll
work for you too.


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