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Re: One Problem solved other found -> dlclose not calling destructors

On Fri, Feb 05, 2010 at 09:27:45AM +0100, DEWI - N. Zacharias wrote:
>On Thu, Feb 04, 2010 at 11:38:41AM -0500, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>I guess your guess is wrong!
>Because with a dll
>         without the patch based on the issue eclipse/perl works
>        with the patch applied don't
>So whats so hard to understand ??

You are assuming facts not in evidence.  Since you don't know anything
about what's going on you can't claim that destructors are not called.
For all you know, the patch searches for the word "Zacharias" in the
environment and sleeps for an hour when it finds it.

A better subject would be "patch XYZ causes eclipse to hang".

>>>I Only see the effect and Corinna tell me that she build the Dll which
>>>works without the obove mentioned patch.
>>>>Do you have a test case?
>>>Get eclipse, install epic Perl Debug Plug-in 0.6.27 , write a simple
>>>perl script
>>>#! /usr/bin/perl -w print("hello world\n");
>>>try to debug as Perl Local and you will see the debugger hanging
>>>Sorry but neither I have the knowledge to figure out which call of perl
>>>triggers the problem nor I have the time to get it.
>>Sounds like we'll have to live with Eclipse not being able to debug
>>perl locals then because I'm not going to break a long-running
>>tradition of keeping all of my computers Eclipse-free.
>First of all if you deciede not to use Eclipse because of religious
>believes it is ok!

Thanks for the validation.

>Second I know it is hard to fix things if the reports are unspecific. But I'm really
>        not able to give more precise reports. Corinna send different dlls which
>        I tested according to her advice and give feedback. I suggest to do the
>        same in your case.

My purpose in responding was to let you know that no one would be
attempting to fix this problem since no one is likely to download
eclipse to figure the problem out.  You don't have to repeat yourself.
I got it.  You can't provide more details beyond that.

So, in the meantime, we wait for someone to provide a test case.


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